You Influence the Outcome when You Control the Process
Photography October-26-2019

Coming soon ... Chris will be exhibiting examples of his photography; you can also follow him on Instagram @chrismasonphotography


Complimentary Offer

A digital copy of Chris' Book 'Competitive Pistol Shooting' or 'Learning Matters' and free access to online materials are available to individuals that he coaches and delegates attending his courses 

Personalised copies of Chris' ebook Competitive Pistol Shooting  are available from the Competitive Pistol page of this website. This book is supported by downloadable free guides and training plans that are also available from this website. 


The World Around Us
by Chris Mason

An interesting and humorous collection of poems written by Chris and his children.  
ISBN: 978-0-9571833-4-6  

Learning Matters 2nd Edition 

by Chris Mason ©CFM
Learning Matters is a practical guide for teachers and coaches that promotes 4-dimensional learning. Chris developed this style of learning from his years of teaching and coaching in varied environments, combined with his experiences as a champion competitor. Learning Matters draws upon Chris' experience in developing practical solutions to teaching; and gives an introduction to operating quality systems and conducting evaluations.  
ISBN: 978-0-9571833-5-3

The Principles and Practices of Crime Prevention
by Chris Mason
A guide for crime prevention practitioners and anyone with an interest in reducing their risk of crime. This book will guide you through the principles and practices of crime prevention; explaining how, by taking positive action, you can have a direct impact on reducing personal crime risks and those in your community; including surveying the crime risks in your own home and your business and how to reduce these.
Available now as:
 ISBN: 978-0-9571833- 2-2
eBook ISBN:  978-0-9571833-3-9 

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