You Influence the Outcome when You Control the Process
Being You April-10-2019

Success is a state of mind. When you close your eyes do images of a successful you come flooding to the fore or are you hampered by negative imagery and a fear of failure?

Negativity damages you and your performance; so if it's not right then it is time for you to make changes.


 Competitive Pistol Shooting

To compete at the top of your chosen sport requires ambition, dedication and enjoyment. You have a single minded strength of purpose to achieve your ambition. Along the way you will meet obstacles and find solutions to overcome them. This book is written by a former National Pistol Champion and is aimed at competitive pistol shooters who are either starting out in their sport or more experienced competitors who are seeking to improve their performances up to National level. The techniques in this book are suitable for ISSF competition and the shooting event in Pentathlon, Tetrathlon and Pony Club Triathlons.

Competitive Pistol Shooting is a free eBook provided as part of a detailed Coaching Programme; to enrol eMail Chris

To get you on the right path for success I have complied some free guides to Competitive Pistol Shooting, which support and are supported by my book, Competitive Pistol Shooting. These free guides can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Use of these guides is governed by copyright and acknowledgement is mandatory.

The purpose of this book is to impart the knowledge, experience and skills that will enable you to train to win.

List of Chapters:

  • Introduction;
  • What's it all about;
  • Choosing a Coach;
  • How to Shoot a Pistol Accurately;
  • Pistol Shooting Specific Exercises and Fitness;
  • The Mental Game;
  • The Importance of Dry Firing;
  • Using a Training Plan;
  • Further Reading

 Competitive Pistol Shooting

by Chris Mason

ISBN: 978-0-9928100-1-6

eBook ISBN:  978-0-9928100-0-9